Budget Stairlifts

high quality, low price

" I have to say the difference is astonishing. I can now go up and down the stairs with ease "

D Hellery, Braintree

" My husband is home now and is able to sail up the stairs with ease. THe lift is working well and he is regaining his independence."

D Hellery, Braintree

If you want to stay in your own home instead of a moving to a bungalow or retirement home a stair lift is the sensible choice. But just because Budget Stairlifts are priced for people who want to save money doesn't mean we compromise on quality. We save money on overheads, advertising and expensive brochures and pass this saving onto you.

It's 100% British

Every part of our stair lifts are made in Britain. Unlike many other manufacturers we do not simply assemble foriegn-made parts in Britain, our stair lift is built to last.


DC Motor - works during powercuts. Nothing could be worse than being stranded at the top or bottom of the stairs during a powercut. But our the DC motor in our stair lift is safer and quieter than AC motors and still works during powercuts.

Safety Sensors - There are 5 safety sensors. So, if your stairlift comes into contact with any obstruction on the stairs - for example a handbag, walking stick or foot - it stops automatically.

Joystick Control - This is important because push buttons can be hard for arthitic fingers to operate.

Fits to Stairs, not to wall - The rail rests securely on the stairs and not on the wall. It is easy to fit and easy to remove at a later date. And unlike rails that are fitted to walls, there is no mess or damage created in your home.

Remote Control - The remote control is hassle free. Every Budget Stairlift comes with a remote control which allows you to control and send the lift at the touch of a button.

Sit/Stand Option - If you have difficulty beding your knees and addition of a special grab rail means you can travel on your stair lift standing up.

Folding Design - The seat, armrests and footrest all fold neatly up and against the wall, meaning your stairs are not blocked when other people want to use them.

" May I express my grtaitude for the excellent and prompt attention given by your firm "

RG Martin, Bideford

" The lift is a Godsend - I only wish I had got one sooner"

M Henniker, Leatherhead
Or e-mail us for further information at sales@budgetstairlifts.com