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Perched Stairlifts

An example of an perch stairlift

The Perched stairlift has been designed to eradicate the problem of exceptionally narrow stairs, or because the user's legs will not bend enough to allow them to sit down on the stairlift.

  • Ideal when the user has trouble with sitting or bending at the knee.
  • Ideal for customers with back pains.
  • The perfect alternative to the standard stairlift.
  • Easily operated by remote control system.
  • 'Wander lead' adjustable system for your maximum comfort and ease of operation.
  • Quick, immediate installation.
  • Whisper quiet motion - smooth stop start mechanism ensuring no sudden jolts or jerks whilst moving up and down the stairs.
  • Both electronic and mechanical brakes, giving you extra peace of mind.
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