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Stairlift Safety Features

When people look to buy a stairlift they often over look the safety features in favour of finding the cheapest deal. However, stairlift safety features are the most important features of any stair lift. Luckily most new stairlifts come with a host of safety featuresthat will protect you, and any one else who uses the staircase, from injury or harm.

When you buy stairlifts from us, not only will you be getting the most competitively priced stairlifts on the market, but they will come with the most advanced safety features available as standard, whether they are new stairlifts, reconditioned stair lifts or rental stair lifts.

What you should expect:

  • Your stairlift should come with built in safety sensors that automatically detect anything that may be in the way of the stairlift. When they do detect something they bring the stairlift to standstill. The sensors are highly effective and will detect anything in the stairlifts path. Most new stairlifts will come with between 6-8 safety sensors.
  • Your stairlifts should be equipped with pressure-sensitive safety surfaces - these are another vital safety feature and work by preventing the stair lift from colliding with any obstruction on the stairway. Typically they are located around the footrest, at the top of the carriage and at the bottom of the carriage.
  • The stairlift should have Limit sensors - this ensures that the stairlift always stops in the correct position.
  • Your Stairlift should have a lockable on/off swith - this offers vital protection, particularly to children, as it prevent others (e.g. children) from using or activating the stairlift.
  • Your Stairlift should have 24 Volt DC operation - because DC stairlifts run off batteries there is no risk of receiving an electric shock when the stairlift is running.
  • Your stairlift should have dual mechanical and electrical braking systems - this is an important safety feature that prevents the stairlift descending uncontrolably should the motor fail.
  • Your stairlift should have come with a smooth start stop motion - this is vital for those people who suffer with bad backs and eliminates this risk of injury through jerky start stop motions.
  • Your stairlift should be equipped with a swivel seat - A swivel seat allows the user to safely dismount from the stair lift at the top of the stairs, specifically a swivel seat acts as a barrier that prevents the user from falling back down the stairs. This is because as you swivel round on the swivel seat the back of the stair lift seat is now behind you which prevents you from falling back down the stairs after use.
  • If unsure you should ask to see whether you stairlift has been tested to meet the British Safety Standard BS5776. All Stair Lifts for sale through the stair lift suppliers network meet the highest levels of the British Safety Standards.
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